I have a 4-year-old Australian Cattle dog named Nacho, who was extremely anxious. My husband and I knew he was a good dog but had difficulty calming him down around new people and other dogs. Nacho needed direction and guidance and we didn’t know how to offer this to him.

After one session with Kathy, we learned several techniques as how to read Nacho’s body language and communicate with him in a way he understood. Nacho now respects us,
has boundaries, and we are all living a much happier and calm lifestyle.

Nacho has also been attending Go Doggy K-9 Exercology (Day Care) twice a week for a few months now and this has drastically changed his behavior for the better. He has the chance to run around, play and interact with other dogs.

Since working with Kathy and attending doggy day care, Nacho is less anxious, more receptive to commands, and lives a happy and healthy life the way he is meant to.

Kathy truly helped us give Nacho the life he was meant to have and we are tremendously grateful for everything she has taught us!
— Deven Robes Tilman




Once we adopted Milo, every vacation meant anxiety for me leaving him. We tried two different places to board him, with disappointing results, as we’d return to find a dog who hadn’t been eating.

I’m happy to say that Go Doggy K-9 changed all that! We can now go away for an overnight or a week or longer and know our “son” is happy and well cared for.

We do daycare occasionally, too, so he can have a chance to interact with other dogs and he always comes home exhausted...which means he’s had a great day!

So glad our niece recommended Kathy. We would recommend her to any pet parent.
— Regards, Jeanne Rapoza
Our family has grown to love Kathy! Tyson is so well taken care of whether it is during his daycare days or when we are away. Kathy is great with Tyson.

He has become a different dog since going to her over a year ago. We have utilized Kathy’s suggestions in dealing with behaviors at home and they have worked!

When I pull out that leash in the morning and say “Do you want to go to doggy daycare?”, he is ECSTATIC...that tail just doesn’t stop wagging until we get there.

We are so thankful for Kathy and her dedication to our Tyson.
— Nancy and Phillip DeMedeiros


Noel and Miss Ella

Noel and Miss Ella

Kathy IS the female Cesar Millan! I can’t express enough what a life saver she has been for our family.

It all began 5 years ago when our strong willed, independent black lab, Ella, had a behavioral visit which resulted in us learning how to communicate with her. Needless to say my excessive verbal communication wasn’t cutting it! Ella then began Exercology (daycare) and hasn’t stopped attending since. It is her happy place and her behavior has changed dramatically from the interactions on the farm and with the pack, her best friends.

If it wasn’t for Kathy in our lives I would have never entertained getting a second dog. She made all the difference and had the faith that we could create a peaceful, happy pack of our own. I can’t thank her enough for all she has done for us.

I am constantly recommending her services because all dogs deserve the amazing treatment they receive at Go Doggy. The only place our fur babies go is there and I’m so grateful for her expertise and loving kindness to my girls.
— Renee Dufour
Zack loves Go Doggy! He has his girlfriend Pharrah, who he just adores, and he comes home at the end of the day physically and mentally drained which is a “win-win” for us all.

We would definitely recommend Kathy for any “bully” breed because she is highly qualified and is outstanding with them!
— Aubrey and Matt Meirinho